Lil handrawn GIF valentines to send to bae (or anyone, really).

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How to send

If you're on mobile, just tap and hold the valentine you want to send. Then press "Save Image." Send it to your valentine in a text, iMessage, a tweet, an email, whatever.

If you're on a computer, you have options. First, right-click the valentine you want to send. Click "Copy Image Address" to copy the image's URL. Or, you can click "Copy Image" to copy the image. With the image URL, you can paste (CTRL + V / CMD + V) it onto things like Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Gmail, etc. With the image copied, you can paste it to things like Facebook Messenger, iMessage, emails, etc.

About this project

All of these valentines were hand drawn and animated by Austin Baird. He made this to distract from how much Valentine's Day kinda sucks for fun. This site is hosted for free via Github Pages (seriously, Github rocks, amirite?).